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Top Main Exhibits Métis Celebration Music, Dance, and Entertainment Drops of Brandy "Drops of Brandy" - CD Launch

Video "Drops of Brandy", Introduction of Musicians
Video "Red River Jig", Different Versions
Video Anderson, Gilbert, Plays "Gilbert Anderson's Road Song"
Video Anderson, Gilbert, Plays "The Devil's Waltz"
Video Arcand, John, Plays "Drops of Brandy"
Video Arcand, John, Plays "The Isbister Jig"
Video Arcand, John, Plays "The Isbister Waltz"
Video Bedard, Mel, Plays "Drops of Brandy"
Video Bedard, Mel, Plays "The Country Cousin Polka"
Video Bedard, Mel, Plays "The Moccasin Reel"
Video Jam Session With All the Fiddlers
Video Lafferty, Richard, Plays "Stove Pipe"
Video Lafferty, Richard, Plays "The Lafferty Waltz in D"
Video Lepine, Gary, Plays "Big John McNiel"
Video Lepine, Gary, Plays "Buffalo Gals"
Video Lepine, Gary, Plays "Drops of Brandy"
Video Poitras, Homer, Plays "The Duck Dance"
Video Poitras, Homer, Plays the "Over the Waves Waltz"


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