Michif Lessons

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Michif Quiz 1

la joornii means daytime.
To make la gaalet, you have to mix li sel with the flour.
maamaan means my dad.
kiishisha means cook.
aen rinaar is a coyote.
vyalet means blue.
zyeu is the eye.
ki nakamoon means I sing
payta means bring that.
Jhwiijii laandmayn means last Thursday.
vaen mineut is twenty hours.
aen loo can catch, kill, and eat aen lyayv.
saen saan is bigger than aen mil.
We use willows to make aen paayiin.
lii zhveu is your heel or lower part of your foot.
awaa li sooyii is grammatically correct.
l'istama is the back.
leu koozaen miitishooyiw means their cousin eats
niiyanaan means us.
aen kaapoo pi aen zhilay is a coat and a jacket.
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